Why not take a look at what other business owners think of me to help you with your decision in case you are sitting on the fence whether to book a discovery session with me? Over the last 2 years and beyond, I’ve worked with a brilliant mix of business owners and personalities. I pride myself on being the person you never knew you needed but now wouldn't want to be without!

I have worked with Laura on multiple corporate event projects and I am ever so grateful. She is such a great teammate. She owns the project and pours her best work on every task. She is great at handling stressful situations and communicating with delegates - which I'm not good at. The projects are a success thanks to her, my clients are happy and my life is easier.

Ece Kurtaraner, Freelance Community Manager / Community Strategist of Fora Club

Laura is quite simply wonderful in all respects. As my Executive Assistant, Laura supported me in all aspects, both personal and professional, making my life well structured, super organised and also balanced to promote my well-being. Laura’s exceptional experience means she proactively pre-empts situations and requirements; a natural problem solver. Her focus is sharp, but she remains agile to the brief changing which often happens, remaining un-phased. One of Laura’s greatest strengths is her charming and approachable demeanour that quickly allows her to build strong relationships and foster collaboration. Laura’s local and national connections also mean she has a strong network she can call upon. For our business, Laura’s has used this network to organise some fantastically themed events including festival, 1920s, and winter wonderland. Her creativity combined with budgeting skills means businesses don’t have to compromise when it comes to celebrating achievements with employees at scale. I have no hesitation in recommending Laura if you’re looking for someone with energy and enthusiasm, who can whip you (and your family) into administrative shape.

Monica Collings, CEO, So Energy

We created a countywide campaign to share awareness and support in tackling the stigma around mental health. The campaign required multiple statutory organisations, charities, and private businesses to collaborate together to ensure a joined-up message was delivered, but also services were ready to receive an influx of new enquiries. Laura was brought in to manage team communications, project milestones, and delivery dates ensuring the campaign delivered on its promise. Working with Laura was excellent: her ability to manage multiple stakeholders, give support and keep the project delivery on track was invaluable. I would happily work with Laura again and recommend her services.

Andrew Coleman, Light On: A mental wellbeing campaign by the people of Dorset for Dorset

Laura and I worked in partnership when she was my executive assistant, she is quite simply amazing. Laura is intelligent, proactive, hardworking, and has a real gift in working with people. Laura creates strong working relationships based on genuine trust and as a consequence is able to achieve outcomes beyond expectations. Laura demonstrated a multitude of skills; from keeping me on schedule, managing events, internal communications to taking on complex accountabilities in a high-pressure M&A process. I would not hesitate to recommend Laura, she brings great strengths to any organisation, team, or individual she works with.

Ian Cain, Chief Executive Officer, SES Water

I have had the pleasure of working with Laura for over 20 years. Laura has the exceptional ability to ensure everything is organised and completed to the highest standard. We have worked together on many projects and whenever I hear Laura is involved in the planning with a client I am instantly reassured that the event will go well.
I can’t recommend Laura highly enough and look forward to continuing to work with her.

Paul Hackett, Director, Image Republic Ltd

I've had the pleasure of working with Laura since March 2021. As a business owner, it can be difficult to manage your time as you end up wearing so many hats, but Laura has really helped me to streamline the processes and systems within my business so that I have much more time to work ON it rather than IN it. Laura is super to work with, she's highly organised and is a real team player. I didn’t realise how much I needed her energy and organisation, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Laura to anyone who needs to find a bit more time in their day!

Georgie Carter, CEO & Founder of Pepped

Laura worked with me as my PA for over 6 years to support my role as Facilities & Development Director and then as Property Director at Fitness First.
Initially and during the role, not only supporting me, but an in-house Facilities team and an external contracting team. Laura played a pivotal role in keeping the key people in the department updated in all relevant business relevant activities. Laura also assisted in some international matters where my work required inter regional coordination.
Laura was highly regarded amongst her peers. Someone who was trustworthy, well organised, friendly and extremely creative when it came to organising a conference or an event.
Laura worked closely with other members of the executive team, often being asked to participate in wider business activities.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Laura.

Harry Kay, Property & Facilities Director, Third Space

I have had the pleasure of working with Laura when we were both at Fitness First and latterly with our own separate businesses. Her commitment to work is always second to none, over the years Laura helped me organise conferences and training sessions, and without Laura’s work, these would not have taken place. Recently Laura assisted me in setting up my business, overseeing the production of the website, contact details, and various media posts. I would never hesitate to recommend Laura, as she is such a valuable asset to any company or organisation.

Glyn Allen, Director, GD Allen Consultancy Ltd

Laura worked with me at Fitness First for a number of years, supporting me in my role as UK HR Director, Laura was always proactive, conscientious, and focused on doing a great job. She was trustworthy, handled confidential matters with sensitivity. Laura can be relied upon to take initiative regarding what needs to be done or looking for ways to do things better. She has a positive outlook and is a great team player.

Neil Tune, Founder, Coachopolis

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